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Name: Miya
Loves: Ice
Hates: When I stay at school for 4 hours and then the last class is cancelled so I've just been there for no reason since noon
Date: 05/06/2023

Now: Burning (Already)

IIIIIIt's time for an update! That I almost forgot!

Site updates : WHAT? THE SITE ACTUALLY CHANGED? I CAN DO THAT??? Check here on the left, two new links have been added! An actual button for the manga shelf, and another one for games! I think they look kinda cool, if you hover over the games some info about them show up! (Thanks to my friend Pudding! Go give his site a check!).
Apart from that uhh.. You know the drill! Nothing changed! At all! Yaaay!

Life updates : Hm, things have been kind of slow lately. My birthday happened, I got some bootleg Kirby figures that are very funny to look at, and Tears of the Kingdom, I haven't played it much but it seems fun! Like any game I play, I suck at it lol, but I already like it waayy more than Breath of the Wild. I found the first game a bit too, I don't know, slow? I really don't know what I didn't like about it, it just didn't have that click that makes me stick to a game.
I bought myself a sealed version of Project Mirai DX, also known as, "peak". It's such a good game I could gush about it for days. I wonder if I'll ever open it.

School is almost done, so it's getting extremely boring, we're not doing anything I can't wait for it to actually be over. But that'd mean finals would be starting and I'm NOT looking forward to that. Thankfully going to school still isn't that bad thanks to someone, so I'm not looking that much forward to it ending, but still.

Art side, I haven't done much. But, we're changing wi-fi routers soon, so I might be getting better internet, and that hyped me up enough to make an entire streaming layout!

Check it out!
(Yes, I was binging Scott the Woz while writing this, as one does.)

Reviews have been replaced with rambling sessions! Basically, I'll just be talking about whatever comes to mind, sometimes it'll still be reviews!

This week's rambling is about Time travel!

Huh, what a way to start.

I've been seeing that "If you could have a super power" question over the internet again lately, and I've given it way too much thought, again.
So, what I came up with was a form of time travel that wouldn't just mess up the entire timeline. So first of all, you can only go back in time, no going to the future as that would cause way too many problems with the other conditions, so, only the past. So, you can go whenever, and also wherever you want in the past (I've always thought that time travel would also let you travel anywhere, don't know why but it's like that). You don't go back to as you were back then, you come as your present self, meaning with some planning you could meet your old self, if you're into that stuff. But that'd be pointless because that's where the fun is: Whatever you do, the day WILL happen as it originally did. Let me explain with an example. Let's say, on the 4th of March 2016 I found a cool rock on the ground. Then years later I come back to that day and take that specific rock. You think that'd change everything that happened between that time and the present right? Well no, the day you came back to is basically a separated copy of the original one, whatever you do will stay here and not conflict with what happened in "real life" (kind of like a save state?). So you could go crazy, for an exaggerated example, exploding a building wouldn't have any consequences as soon as you go back to the present, or you could very angrily insult someone without worrying about what comes after! Oh also everything that is touching you (except like, the floor) travels with you. Not only so that you don't end up butt naked in the past, but that can also double as cool irl duplication glitch. Buy a cake, sleep, go back to yesterday, steal yourself that cake, go back to the present, and boom, you got two cakes.

I don't know if I've made myself clear, but tldr, you go back to an isolated copy of a day and it doesnt change the future or anything. And legal stealing.!

I don't know what image to put so have this completely unrelated one! Again!!! Toriko!!!! Again!!!!!!!!

ITS OVER!!! That was the 10th Update! Thanks for sticking with me! (I wonder who else is actually reading this other than the 3 persons I send this to.)
Remember to turn on your fans soon!
Stay happy, and goodnight!

This update's song is The Peachy Key by iyowa!
Another great song by iyowa with amazing lyrics, give it a listen!

Wow, stayed till the end? This week's inventory item is dedicated to my friend Pudding! Go give his site a check! again!!!!! he likes it a lot and totally won't hate me for this :ehe::fumu::over:
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