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Date: April!!

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April 2024 Edition!

Fourth month! Last one was pretty good, I did well on all of my finals! I think...

New Game ! [28]
Name: Cool Spot
Console: Genesis (Played on: RetroArch PicoDrive)
Year: 1993
Date: 4/04/2024

I don't know what compelled me to play this, it just.. It just seemed so cool...

Its a 7-up commercial game, and it's.. Weirdly good and charming? The gameplay loop is that you need to get at least 60 cool points, then you can get to the goal, but what I like is that the levels are fairly linear, but with some off-road paths to get more cool points! The physics can feel off at first but you can get used to it. Plus for a game of its that, it's not that unfair!

The game also, somehow, looks very good. Sometimes. Some levels are really beautiful and others literally headache enducing. The soundtrack is the same, either really hit or really miss! Still very enjoyable though!

So coooooooooool!!

It was such a weird experience, but it's also weirdly charming, give it a try!

New Manga ! [10]
Name: Genshiken - The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture [げんしけん]
Author: Shimoku Kio
Year: 2002
Date: 05/04/2024

Reading Genshiken was such a surreal experience because of how, real it felt?

The story doesn't look that interesting at first, it's about a Club of Otakus in a school, that's about as much as I can sum it up. But the characters and situations all feel so lively and fun, it's so chaotic yet so calming, even if what they talk about isn't always for everyone www

It's a slice of life so as always, there's not much to comment on, but it's a really nice read, Every character is lovable and unique even if they're all so stupid, yet you can feel their growth! It's just really nice.

Seeing the empty room after all that happened really hit..

Go check it out! It's old and weird but that's what makes it good!

New Game ! [29]
Name: Pokémon Blue Version
Console: GameBoy (Played on: RetroArch mGBA)
Year: 1996
Date: 6/04/2024

Yo-ssu! All you Pokémon Trainers out there! Y'all been groovin'? It's an update from Miya!

The first ever Pokémon game! I chose Blue because Water Pokémon rule! Though it was lacking a lot of the QOL improvments from the newer games, it still was a very nice and fun experience! Even back then, the world still feels so grand and lively! Maybe a bit too much, I often got lost and didn't know what to do... Leveling up your Pokémon can be fun but it takes a lot of time, yet you have to do it or you'll get beat up just like me!

It really feels like you're in a big adventure and saving the world, I can see why it worked so well! Plus you really get attached to your Pokémon along the way! Though I only play on a really casual level, so I have no idea what I'm doing in battles, just throw strong hitting moves and hope it works! Yeah!

I'm the Pokémon Master!!

I wanted to Catch them all but I accidentally deleted my save file... I guess I won't do that then~

New Game ! [30]
Name: Sonic Chaos
Console: Master System (Played on: RetroArch Pico Drive)
Year: 1993
Date: 8/04/2024

I don't really know what to say?? It was better than the other 8bit games but as soon as I got engaged it.. Just ended, this game is so short! That's sad because it actually was good!

Uh... woohoo!!

I guess I recommend it? it's fun and wont take much of your time lol

New Manga ! [11]
Name: Sorry But I'm Not Into Yuri [悪いが私は百合じゃない]
Author: Mochi Au Lait
Year: 2019
Date: 13/04/2024

Dont look, kids!

This manga can get really sus, but it's also pretty funny. From the title your can probably guess how it goes haha. I don't know what to say or if to recommend it?? Some chapters are completely insanity and others are extremely charming? What am I even reading anymore??? I need to find new mangas...

I get you Itsumi, so true

Don't check it out? Maybe?

New Manga ! [12]
Name: Asumi-chan is Interested in Lesbian Brothels [彩純ちゃんはレズ風俗に興味があります!]
Author: Kuro Itsuki
Year: 2020
Date: 13/04/2024

Still keep your eyes closed! Even tighter than before!

Its a story about a girl who's trying to find her childhood friend. But the only clue she has is that she works at brothels, once again, you can guess how that goes. Some scenes are really, uh, strong, per se. It's somehow incredibly well done


How am I supposed to talk about all of this??? I REALLY need to find new good stuff (not that it was bad, just, yeah, not much i can say about these~~)

New Movie ! [03]
Name: Oomuro-ke: dear sisters [大室家 dear sisters]
Studio: Passione, Studio Lings
Year: 2024
Date: 16/04/2024

I was very much waiting for this one!

Ahh Oomuro-ke, the Yuru Yuri spin-off that I love so much! This movie was really amazing, it has a calm and soothing atmosphere that I never really found somewhere, the quiet or sometimes even absent music, the sound effects paired with the soft artstyle, it's really really good. Plus all the characters are so lovable and funny but also cute it's just too good?? Go watch it now now! I really don't have much to say for these last updates since they don't have complexe story lines and stuff, it's all basic SoL stuff, but it's all really great! If you just want a good time, watch this.

Aw just look at them

I can't wait for the second movie! The post-scene credit has made me even more hyped...

New Manga ! [13]
Name: Anemone is in Heat [アネモネは熱を帯びる]
Author: Ren Sakuragi
Year: 2020
Date: 17/04/2024

Finally, a normal manga!

Well, it's still Yuri, but what else am I supposed to read! This one is kinda all over the place, the two main girls met before school but one fainted so the other helped her but missed the exam because of it and completely redid her life. Yet they still met and ended up together lol. The fact that one of them is physically weak is a plot point at first, but it quickly get phased out and is not brought up again lol. Something I don't really like, that most yuri do, is that a lot of the later focus is on different couples and like, these are great stories but not really the ones I wanted to read?? I want the main character's stories not others!

I know that sounded very negative, but I actually loved it a lot! There's just a limit to how many times I can gush about how great yuri, art, and characters are, it was really great and I obviously recommend it!

Me too !!

What to read now...

i love you
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