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Hello everyone! Thanks for coming here! This site is something I decided to do to get everything about me in a single place, so it's not very interesting for a random person, but I hope that maybe if you see this and that we're not friends already, we'll become some down the line!

Basically, this site really is just a home to replace all the links I have in my discord bio, , , for example, the About Me page is where you can find all my links and some basic info about me. The My Stuff page is gonna have projects I do, and a list of all my characters because even I can't keep track of all of them. And Updates is gonna have updates (didn't expect that one did you?) about the site, what I do, or life itself, probably a blog type of thing.

If you find any problems or things I can change, please let me know!

One last thing, big big thanks to my good friend Pudding for helping me with all of this, it wouldn't exist at all without them! Check out his very cooler website here!