- About Me -

+ So you want to know all about me huh? +

Hey! I'm Miya! (Or something else! I have way too many usernames.) Thanks for visiting!

I'm just a person that does whatever comes to mind, so maybe art, writing, making stupid game mods that then get way to many views on Youtube, and NOT cooking. But this time, a good friend forced me to gave me the idea to make a website! So here I am!

My interests aren't really that, well, interesting. I draw, I try to watch anime but then procrastinate about it for weeks, read some manga, and have way too many unplayed steam games. But all of those things still are really fun and I love talking about them with friends and all!

+ Little Side Note +

Oh yeah see these links on the right? Yeah I just wanted to say that Anilist is what I use to list my anime and manga, RAWG.io, the same for video games, and that the gamebanana account, and my YouTube are very old and dead and I hate them LOL.